The Early Jobs of 24 Famous Writers

Listed here on Mental Floss

We all gotta do it. Sigh.

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4 Responses to The Early Jobs of 24 Famous Writers

  1. Even the not famous…in no particular order: sock counter, cocktail waitress, ice cream cake decorator, long-time temp, advertising copywriter, 2 weeks as a bookkeper, half-way house administrator, typing library file cards, etc., etc. A varied (checkered) past is good fodder. xo

    • rachvb says:

      very nice! We all have to have them…sigh. I’m intrigued by the ‘sock counter’ position you held. Is it as obvious as it sounds? I used to scoop Ben & Jerry’s – that was my first job. Not a bad one, but ice cream stuck all the way up your arm is pretty gross. xo

  2. Sock counter was exactly that, in department stores. Two years at Baskin-Robbins and the eternal, inescapable ice cream smell put me off it for some time. xo

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