It's slippery out there

the snow coming at the car. the white fuzz. the light years I was traveling. The road to insanity is what it felt like. A dark trance on the highway. The wipers dark bone arms. We watched 127 hours and a row of students were speaking the entire time. Even shushed, they wouldn’t shut up. Who goes to a movie to talk through the whole thing? I turned around. shushed. I was livid. And the movie made me want to cry and it made me feel crazy, like I was out alone stuck under a rock for 5 days, too. I felt his nerves and sweat and I was shaking in my legs. When you’re in the midst of writing something, something hard for you and your skin is wide open DON’T GO SEE THIS MOVIE. As good as it was and it was intense, too intense for me right now maybe. The wind when we opened the door to leave, the wind was so cold, blowing the snow around like garbage. It was just as dark on the way home. I felt the nerves in my arms clinging to the lead weight steering wheel. Watch out for black ice, pat said earlier and that’s all I felt. I was driving on ice the whole way home.

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