It's fixed, he says

The annoying thing about the internet and blogs and interwebs in general is that when things don’t work, you can’t reach inside and shake things around, take out the disk and blow on the insides because you tell yourself all it needs is a little fresh air … from your mouth … with spit in it.
I’ve been posting to our website all day and nothing has been working or updating and I just want to hit the thing in the head! Bad internet! Bad! I keep knocking on the monitor’s glass, but it’s like like hitting a grizzly on the head – doink doink – minimal impact. It just makes it mad.

p.s. Speaking of bears – did you know that Sloth bears when attacking a human will chew on their limbs (the sorry fella’s) until they resemble a bloody pulp. I learned this from Mental Floss. Don’t get attacked by a sloth bear.

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