Gifts from the late 80s, early 90s

My dad found these photos yesterday among his house clutter. My mom made this ice cream dress. I remember the rouching machine she had even though there’s no rouching on this one. It’s long strange silver fingers. She did cross-stitch the cones. It must have been my birthday – 2 or 3 – if it was 3 my parents were getting divorced soon … way to be a debbie downer, self … but I look so shy holding my doll, loving it, I know I did, just unsure about my excitement being captured. The bowl cut is pretty fierce.

As is my early 90s headband and sweater in the other picture. We were camping somewhere, Sequoia, maybe. My mom took this picture, I remember a stream or river near by. Or maybe I remember it being wet, dewy. I look like I’m about to pop into an awkward stage, my brother already there. All I did was follow him. And thank god.
This photo was on our fridge for the longest time.

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