Fall with sugar and cream

This is one of those slow days. The kind of day that wants you to sit in it for a while, swing back and forth, twirl around in a white tutu with your head to the ceiling or the sky until you’re so dizzy you topple over. It’s a thinking kind of day as I find most days of fall are. Even the light sits in reflection of what has been and what will come. I think the gods at work wish me to be cold today. Our new furnace stopped working. Of course it’s an easy fix – says our landlord – and he’ll show us how to do it. Only a matter of water lines, flipping a switch, filling it back up. In my knowledge of furnaces, I assumed it was the pilot light and read the directions on the side of the beast to relight it. “If you smell gas, step away.” What about cat pee? I stepped away anyway.

I’ve been thinking about coffee and doughnuts all morning. Opted for the hot chocolate mix in my desk instead, but there’s no water at work and when I found water, the hot spigot ran cold anyway. So there you have it. I’m suppose to be cold. But I’m not. I’m perfectly warm in wool and knowing one of my best friends is hiking somewhere in Tennessee and the other is watching her daughter collect pumpkins on a field trip, taking notes, laughing at all the stick-up-their-ass moms who, I kid you not, have hello kitty purses with pink rhinestones on them. Past the age of 15 it’s not really acceptable anymore. We had a good laugh about it, but I can’t keep making fun of them because I can feel my Karma dropping like blood sugar – which brings me back to the doughnuts.

I suppose when you really want something it’s best just to go after it.

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