Did and Didn't

I think I’m in a filling rotation because I haven’t felt like writing much here. These seasons always worry me, but they usually go away at some point. Maybe my body is forcing me into early winter even though it’s 88 degrees outside.
This past weekend was all about things I didn’t do. I didn’t go on the hike I wanted to. I didn’t work out. I didn’t write. I didn’t pay my bills. I didn’t check out the row of vintage/antique stores on my street. I didn’t lay by the pool.
But of course, the flip side is the things I did do. I did watch football. I did stay up until 2 am playing a video game. I did see the movie “Sinister” with Pat and was highly disappointed I didn’t crap my pants in fear. I did watch more football. I did get a pair of Toms for $18 at Buffalo Exchange AND a super cute graphic blouse I am now wearing. I did get toilet paper. I did have an amazing conversation with a dear friend. I did drink a delicious Grand Canyon Pumpkin Porter (damn). I did take a shower. I even shaved my legs.

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