This morning, I woke up with the “5 Dollar Foot Long” jingle stuck in my head. Was I dreaming of Meatball subs?
I wonder if I don’t need you anymore or that’s just what I’m telling myself because it’s clear you don’t need me. A self-preservation sort of thing.
I broke a newly manicured nail and now my appearance is righting itself again. I am not glitter. I am not manicured. I am uneven and trimmed to skin.
A woman on the light rail was singing softly to herself – it sounded like stars – like twinkle twinkle. We were all children once and I feel like that gives us an even playing field. You are not better than me and I am not going anywhere you aren’t – even if I don’t know where that is. My bookmark is lost in a book. I have a place held within the pages and when I get there, the story will most likely make sense.

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