My friend, Lindsey is in grad school and did this video project for class. It’s just a simple, beautiful little video and she’s reading my poem Bluebird which has a lot of meaning for both of us. It’s pretty cool to hear someone else reading one of my poems.
I really want to start doing some video stuff for my poems. So much so after seeing this today that it’s really really hard not to run out of this building and go make shit ALL day.
Thanks, Linds. ;( I love you.

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4 Responses to Bluebird

  1. LtotheJ says:

    Awww. 🙂 I love you too. ;(
    Lets burn the mother and go live in the woods and drink tea and make art!! Hoozah!

  2. Ms. Moon says:

    There is nothing better than making shit, is there? And this, my dear, is good shit.

    • rachvb says:

      I love making shit! And getting filthy in the process. I think that’s why I loved the dirt so much as a kid. Thank you. And thanks to my Linds for giving me such a sweet present.

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