Andrea Gibson

A wonderful interview with Poet/Activist Andrea Gibson on AutoStraddle
You MUST listen to the poem she reads at the end called “Class”

When asked why she writes poems she said, “I write because it is while I’m writing that I feel most connected to why we’re here. I write because silence is a heavy weight to carry. I write to remember. I write to heal. I write to let the air in. I write as a practice of listening.”

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  1. these quotes you’ve put up recently about why we write pierce right through me. i wish i could explain it to those who don’t feel the urgency to write, who tend to feel that i over share. thank you for the quotes. i may steal them.

    • rachvb says:

      I’ll call it sharing =) They are meant to be shared. Share away! And I know what you mean. People have said that to me as well – they don’t understand the need to write and share and talk about such personal things, but talking about the weather all the time is so boring. xoxo

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