A day with the boys

I’m hanging with the boys today. We are making 2 batches of beer and chowder while it snows outside. I’m going to get to say bad words and scratch my butt and burp and tell dirty jokes. It’s fun being a boy for a day and forgetting that in the morning you were crying like a girl for more reasons than you’d like to explain, but no other reason than you feel too much and feelings build up on the rooftops, the steps, the sidewalks like they do outside.

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  1. LtotheJ says:

    Sometimes I wish I could turn off my emotions like that too. Seems like it would make so many things so much easier … alas, God has granted me a terrific set of boobs and the occasionally heavy-handed emotions that go with them. Enjoy scratching your butt today, love. It’s back to womanhood tomorrow! :o)

    • rachvb says:

      You are lucky on the boob-front. Hand some over, Jones! I have already said bad words and made sex jokes about Pat. I’ll scratch my butt soon – am waiting for the right moment.

  2. A day hanging with the boys sounds ‘just the ticket’, Rachel. Who knows. . . perhaps these lovely gentlemen would do as well to hang out with the teary-in-the-morning girls from time to time! We all need a bit of both – the occasional butt-scratch and heartfelt weep ; ) xo

    • rachvb says:

      It is a full day, indeed. I think these gentlemen do hang out with teary women from time to time – more often than they’d like I’m afraid.
      I had a fabulous girls night last night and now a fabulous boys day today. Beer and jazz and the men cooking and football and junk food.

  3. Julia HJ says:

    I grew up with a batch of boys and though many of my closest childhood friends were (and still are) girls, there’s something terrifically freeing about palling around with a crowd of boys, especially boys you feel you don’t need to impress or attract.

    right on.

    and butt-scratching should always be encouraged, I think.

    • rachvb says:

      I idolized my older brother. Baggy pants, teenage mutant ninja turtles, video games. You are right in there being something freeing about a crowd of boys. Most of the time when our group is together – the boys sort of split off and I like being with them. They are comforting somehow.
      Butt-scratching is vital. A god-give right, i say!

  4. Heeeheheheee. This whole thread just made me laugh. And I haven’t even had my morning cry yet!


    • rachvb says:

      The world is happening backwards! We are supposed to cry first thing in the morning and THEN laugh.
      But I think as long as you cry, laugh and scratch your butt in a day – it’s been a very full day!

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