The Triggering Town

“You owe reality nothing and the truth about your feelings everything.”

-Richard Hugo from “The Triggering Town”

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  1. And I can’t even imagine what I would offer to reality; doesn’t it have all it needs?

  2. rachvb says:

    Reality? Reality is phone bills and slaps in the face and then it can be crickets at night and watching rivers slink by. Strange how reality changes as we change in it – as we move throughout it. I wouldn’t offer reality much either – it would be a bad date, I think.
    I love this quote. He was talking about it in terms of writing poetry and not letting the subject take control of the poem, but letting how you feel drive the poem. Which, in the end, is all that matters anyway. Which is the base of all good poetry. Nothing else matters but how you feel in the world.

  3. Rachel, context changes everything, of course. I will sit and wonder how I missed knowing this was about writing poetry…and be glad that I know now.

  4. rachvb says:

    I like not knowing and then knowing. It’s like discovering the same thing twice!

  5. Here, here, Rachel and Marylinn! I, too, love not knowing then knowing, the double discovery of it.

    A friend wrote the following line on my wall on Saturday night —

    “Make your heart your art and your art your heart.”

    I thought you both.
    Love to you in the North from me in the South
    C xx

  6. Oops – tricky fingers! I meant to write ‘I thought of you both.) L, C

  7. rachvb says:

    what a good friend! =)
    I need to make a wall and if I ever do I’m going to put that up. I love that. thanks.

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