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Happy New Year

I’m looking to buy some great shoes today. To finish a poem I’ve been working on, to replace my Miz Mooz Amelia Button Boots that I’ve worn to death over the past three years, and to finish a poem.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Traveling Mercies Excerpt, Anne Lamott

“Twice I have held the ashes of people I adored – my dad’s, my friend Pammy’s. Nearly twenty years ago I poured my father’s into the water near Angel Island, late at night, but I was twenty-five years old and … Continue reading

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This morning I opened the door and smelled winter’s smoke. The houses in a thaw. The steam rising from the roofs. The white. The pink of morning. Birds chipped away at the cold with their voices and for a brief … Continue reading

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A Woman and Her Muse

Blood drops blossom on the bathroom floor. The make-up you’re wearing, the heels, the pants around your ankles – a poet’s morning glow disappears in the mirror. There’s much to do, I beg you. You look with empty bucket eyes, … Continue reading

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write night

I feel a marathon coming, a need coming. We are so tidal, pulling and pushing, our waves rolling around the sand in our toes uncovering shells and weeds and treasure. By morning we wash it ashore like naked babies crying, … Continue reading

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The places we go

Writers go places. Deep into the mind, into emotion, into fear and love and dark crevices that have never seen light before. I’ve always been an explorer. I’ve squeezed through sandpaper boulders in Joshua Tree National Park so I could … Continue reading

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Thoughts before bed

Gray hairs are much easier to pull out than normal hairs. And they don’t even hurt.

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So many states to live in

I watched ‘The Duchess’ last night with Keira Knightley. I’ve never really had any intention to watch this movie, but I thought it would be full of good sex scenes and the green English countryside and pretty dresses and sheep. And … Continue reading

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hit and run to hell

I heard a vroom and a vroom and someone driving much too fast for roads like this for weather like this and then I heard the crunch of him hitting a car on the street. His lights pointing sideways, T-ed … Continue reading

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Slow down

It’s snowing outside, but I can’t see it. I’m not moving. We are supposed to get 11 to 16 inches, the most snow we’ve gotten all winter so far. All I hear are the wet swish of tires on the … Continue reading

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