Why do we do this again? – me

“It keeps us the most alive.” -C

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8 Responses to Why do we do this again? – me

  1. Comment deficient at the moment. Here a pebble )O( and the wish for whatever is needed today. xo

  2. Steve says:

    Writing is its own end. You can’t fail (unless your pencil breaks).
    Writing well is difficult.
    Selling your writing is very difficult (statistically almost impossible).
    Even if you never sell anything, even if you never are satisfied with the results, if you write, you have not failed.

    • rachvb says:

      “You can’t fail (unless your pencil breaks)”
      I like that. thanks.
      It is difficult.
      And the next part is even more difficult, but I try not to think about that part yet. It sneaks in every so often, though.
      It’s time to dig in my heels, that’s for sure.
      Thanks, Stevie.

  3. Yes. What Steve said: If you write, you have not failed. Taking this to the bank. xo

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