West Coast is the Best Coast part 1

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  1. It is a land of such abundance, of mild peace. I am glad both sets of grandparents were enticed here in the 1920s, fled those Illinois and Michigan winters for life among the camellias and oranges. I hope it replenishes whatever has run low, gives you a running start on the next indicated thing. xo

    • rachvb says:

      yes, abundance and mild peace – just stay off the freeways 😉
      my grandpa was born in Long Beach. My grandma in Montana. I’ve been drawn to both places for different reasons. What I miss most is the fruit. Life is so much better with fruit, good fruit.
      I do think I found something – a lost something. a feeling I’m hoping to hold on to, I’m hoping will last. A california chill I once had that I’m hoping to incorporate back into my life.
      Say hello to the sunshine for me!

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