Watch out for bad cheese

I slept like poo last night, that’s right poo. My throat started to hurt again because my boyfriend caught some venus fly disease on the airplane and brought it home and I became so grumpy that I might get sick again that I ate nachos with maybe some questionable cheese and took 6 vitamins and pills and in the middle of the night I kept dreaming of stacking boxes, of aligning lines. I felt I was working. Mostly what I do during the day is a puzzle – fitting stories together and photos together with the one grand centerpiece that we may/or may not get to be creative with. But mostly it’s stacking boxes and that’s what I was dreaming about. That and the bad cheese. And my friend’s husband getting upset with me because we invite people to stay at our house when they are moving across the country. Apparently that’s not OK to invite people to stay at our house while they move across the country. I don’t even think anyone has stayed at our house while they’ve moved across the country, I don’t even know of anyone who’s moved across the country recently.

That was my final straw though, I wouldn’t hear any more from him. It was night time and we were standing in the yard and I turned to walk away and yelled “I’m sorry I love your children!” And threw a purple glittery helmet I was wearing at him across the yard. Shooting star!!!

But I’m going home! Close enough to home to call it home. LBC in less than a month and I can’t stand it – it’s a dream.

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