Virginia Woolf may be on to something

For lunch today I sliced a ripe tomato, fresh mozzarella, plucked green basil. Drizzled sea salt and boysenberry balsamic vinegar on top and ate ate ate. I ate with a fork and my fingers. I ate fresh, sweet, filling food and it helps the soul a little. So does chocolate goodness, but I have to make a special request for that.

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  1. Guess what I’ll be having for lunch today, Rach? Thanks for the inspiration – I can smell the basil from here. I might have to bake some double-chocolate brownies, too? If you were ‘overnight-post’ away, I’d send you some. xo

    • rachvb says:

      good! It’s becoming my favorite dish for lunch. Sweet and salty and oh goodness the basil.
      I ate some chocolate. Not the same as brownies, but it’ll do.
      Thank you for the electronic baked good!

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