Up the River destruction

photo by Mike Milz

This is what’s left of “Up the River” as everyone likes to call it. Our friend’s trailer is the one in the very back. But normally it sits parallel to the road. From the pictures it looks as if a slit telephone pole is keeping it in place or at least it was when the river was covering the roofs. Where the photographer is standing is another friend’s trailer, well was another friend’s trailer. It’s gone now as well as numerous others. Their deck is caught in the trees with the chairs on top, unmoved. Below the deck is the skeleton of a neighbor’s blue trailer. Tire tracks in the lawn, debris caught like tangled fishing line and beaver dams suffocating trees. Cinder blocks of where homes used to be. On the other side of the cornfield 3 football fields away, is one of them. And now looters have come scavenging. Trying to take their little girl’s bike right in front of them! Arguing with the owners about whose property is whose property. As if these people haven’t lost enough! Some didn’t even have flood insurance.
Now it’s time for them to rebuild. I hope there’s something I can do to help them – even if it’s raking mud. Here’s a link to more of the damage. Unreal. I still can’t imagine the water being that high.

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