‘Today, we’re younger than we’re ever gonna be.’ -Regina Spektor

I guess day care is alright … they at least inform parents when their clothes are inside out.
But I miss my guy this morning. We’ve been sick. Cold number 2 in 3 months. Good track record… He’s the happiest, sick baby I’ve ever seen and other than the cough/congestion, you’d never know. The joys of breastfeeding are that I also get sick, but our dyad is pretty amazing when you think about it. He gets sick, I get sick to give him antibodies, we both get better.

Mornings with my man

Mornings with my man

In the span of two days, the tree outside our door seasoned. Fall to winter to spring. Dead leaves fell, buds rose, green leaves emerged. Phoenix has a unique way about it. It follows nothing. I like that. I wonder how long we will be here? How Jack will be aware of this place? His birth certificate says Scottsdale on it. How weird is that? People say all the time that “He/she is mine” when they are referring to their kids. When I see his birth certificate, the name of the place he’ll say he was born, it makes me realize that he is not mine, just as any person is not someone’s. He is from me. I am his home for now, but he is so his own.

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