Today is my brother's birthday

Happy Verry Merry Van Birthday (his slogan, not mine, although I wish I had come up with it) to my brother who is 30 today. When I asked him what he wanted he mentioned a gift certificate to one place or a gift certificate to Threadless as he said “I want to replace a shirt I stained, the one with a sand castle defending itself from a beach ball.” If I weren’t so far away, tonight I’d be going to his birthday party in L.A. – Cat N’ Fiddle Pub & Restaurant – to drink and eat and sing Karaoke, a favorite pastime of his. On the evening’s menu: “We will have a private room, where the Karaoke will flow like wine, the wine will flow like freedom cakes, and the ensuing hubris will flow like a celebratory malt beverage, poured onto the curb of my 20’s.”
Get me on a god-damned flight!

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