Things I'm learning about Arizona

1. Apparently when the light rail doors have closed and it’s still at the station and you’re late for work, all you have to do is push the yellow button instead of frantically waiving at the driver to let you in.
2. If you’re on the sidewalk and walk close enough to automatic doors, they open with a heavenly wave of air conditioning.
3. People take their bikes for rides on the light rail, not on the street.
4. Arizona homes/apartments don’t have bedroom ceiling lights
5. Men here don’t lie to women: Yo, your crack is showing

(ps. Just to be clear, I wasn’t the woman showing my crack)

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2 Responses to Things I'm learning about Arizona

  1. LtoTheJ says:

    What kind of crack? He could have been talking about the drug kind … lol

    • rachvb says:

      oh no, it was a definite butt crack. I saws it. And laughed to myself because I would NEVER say anything to her about it, but he seemed to think it was important to tell her. In my mind, if your crack is showing, you can feel it and you want your crack to be showing. But hey. Just me.

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