The Secret World of Alex Mack

Last night I bought new poet boots for $8! That means they are serious poet boots because poets are poor mostly and the fact that I can get something so wonderful on my feet for $8 is a miracle! They aren’t even my size, but fit which makes them more of a miracle. Here’s a skanky picture of my witch feet – I know you didn’t really want a picture of my feet (or maybe you did creeper).
That’s my floor at work in case you care, but I’m not sure why anyone would care about that. I have one of those plastic rolley floor mats that used to stab me in the ankles with its under-fangs.
This post is about nothing. But I AM getting a “body-melt” massage treatment today and I hope to be liquefied enough I can squeeze under closed doors – there have been far too many closed doors lately. Mine as it has always been is still open.

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