I’m so disheartened that schools are banning books. And not just leaving them out of their reading list for that year, but FLAT OUT BANNING THEM. How is this allowed?! When did conservative off the map far right Christians get so much power in schools? One of my best friends, Cecilia Galante’s novel “The Patron Saint of Butterflies” was added to the list and while I’m insanely proud of her for writing her truth, I’m astounded that parents wouldn’t want their children reading her novel. Or any of the other novels on this list. “Push,” “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” “Slaughterhouse-Five” and on and on and on.
In Texas “‘The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby,’ by George Beard, Harold Hutchins and Dav Pilkey, was removed from grade schools after parents complained when their 6-year-old was suspended for calling a classmate “poo-poo head,” the USA Today story says. Are you serious?! Poo-poo head? Shit, if a six year old called me a poo-poo head, I’d take that as a compliment. I’ve heard six-years old say asshole!
All I can say is stop removing your children from art, from real life, from stories, imagination, from seeing the truth. Because they’ll see it, in one form or another and art – the writing that we all do – is the only way we can make sense of the lives we’re all trapped in. It’s the only thing that makes this life beautiful.

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