It’s raining today. What a wonderful sound, smell, sight. To see rain and not snow falling into my backyard. Rain means something is promised. Rain means something is coming soon – the bulbs I planted in the fall have thin fingers reaching through the ground, the snow is melting, I even heard thunder this morning as I lay in my flannel sheets. Thunder means something is stirring. It means the clouds have finally shaken the ice from their backs and are starting to move against each other. It means there’s warmth, electricity, life, pumping coming again and I can’t wait, only I will, only I can’t wait!
I’ve been working Saturdays for the past couple of weeks, I have a couple weeks more and today I’m not going any damn place (at least that’s my plan). I’m going to make soups and write and listen to the rain on a day most people should be home listening to the rain anyway.

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