It’s raining today. What a wonderful sound, smell, sight. To see rain and not snow falling into my backyard. Rain means something is promised. Rain means something is coming soon – the bulbs I planted in the fall have thin fingers reaching through the ground, the snow is melting, I even heard thunder this morning as I lay in my flannel sheets. Thunder means something is stirring. It means the clouds have finally shaken the ice from their backs and are starting to move against each other. It means there’s warmth, electricity, life, pumping coming again and I can’t wait, only I will, only I can’t wait!
I’ve been working Saturdays for the past couple of weeks, I have a couple weeks more and today I’m not going any damn place (at least that’s my plan). I’m going to make soups and write and listen to the rain on a day most people should be home listening to the rain anyway.

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  1. Rachel, it’s exactly the kind of day you should be staying home, making soups, writing and listening to the rain. It’s perfect. Luxuriate in it, relax into your poems. It will be a good day. xo

  2. Sounds heavenly – heavenly sounds.

    As for thunder – – – a personal favourite!


    • rachvb says:

      Me too. It was/is never a sound that frightens me, but always stirs something electric, something excitable in me. It’s a marvel – the world we live in.
      I’ll try to send you a few small claps.

  3. Thanks for the claps, dear Rachel – when they reach us, I will recognize them as coming from you xx

    (I was never frightened by thunder and electric storms, either – found them exhilarating, powerful, energizing. ; ) ).

    Now that I’ve reached the age of the occasional ‘hot flush’ I apply the same logic as with thunder & lightening and call them ‘power surges’. Might as well embrace them?!

    • rachvb says:

      I love that.
      I didn’t get a lot of thunder storms growing up in Northern California – I got more in Montana, more in Pennsylvania. They are now an integral part to my summers. I look forward to them rolling in. I love watching them.
      You have the most amazing attitude, btw. Of anyone. Always to the light.

  4. Bless you, RachVB xx

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I dreamed about you a couple of nights ago. We were dressing up for a pantomime – flamboyant colours, glitter and make-up, music and merriment. It was a pleasure to be beside you at the dressing table, choosing tinsel and texture and frilly dresses xx

    • rachvb says:

      how wonderful! I’m terribly stage-shy, but give me a couple glasses of wine and I’d be right there with you! Especially with colors and glitter and make-up, music and merriment!! What a wonderful dream. And choosing textures! Perhaps we’ll have to collaborate someday 😉
      Thank you for the wonderful image of your dream. It filled the end of my day with lovely color.

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