The sun has barely risen. Outside the scren door a palm tree cuts my view of the pale sky in half. Faint feathers fall like bottled messages wandering aimless space. The birds echo sonar through the tre tops. I’ve never needed to know what they were saying. It’s their secret language and I believe there’s a reason we humans have never figured it out yet. We cannot conquer the world, we can only listen.

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4 Responses to Sonar

  1. i read this as being about relinquishing control, or the illusion of it. everywhere i go today, i find this message. i think the universe is trying to tell me something important. thanks, grasshopper.

    • rachvb says:

      Do we have control ever? I know a lot of us like to think we do – I am one of the lot. This past month, the next month, my goal is to give up my grip a little. I’m just going to let it take me. The more I fight, the harder this new journey will be and I’m tired of being anxious about all the things I have no say in.
      I hope the universe made it somewhat clear – the things you were searching for. xo

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