She could have said playground

My friend’s 7-year-old daughter just asked her if “dammit” was a compound word. My day is complete.
Peace out.

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  1. And what was your answer?

    • rachvb says:

      I’m not entirely sure what HER answer was (my friend that is) but my answer (she was texting me this) was: who is she?! where did she come from?! and she could have said ‘playground’ or something a 7-year-old would say. But this 7 year old is almost 30 and her mom texted back – well at least she didn’t say ‘Fuck you’ and my reply was yeah, she would have been heart-broken to find out that ‘fuck you’ isn’t a compound word.
      ah to be a fly on the wall the moment it happened. I shall ask her tomorrow her exact reaction and get back to you. I suppose technically ‘dammit’ is a compound word…she has a valid point (the 7 year old that is)

  2. I would have told her it’s a contracted form of damn it then explained what a cool word damn is being an interjection, a verb, an intransitive verb, an adjective, a curse word, and, best of all, a CURSE i.e. Damn youse all to hell!.

    Awesome. Anyone who thinks their children don’t curse are slightly delusional. The trick is to teach them not to curse in church or fancy restaurants.


    • rachvb says:

      They say “youse” here! It’s everywhere!
      hahahahaha! I never thought about how cool “damn” really was. Yes, very cool indeed.
      Yes, you can’t curse at church or fancy restaurants or as we found out today the grocer checker probably shouldn’t curse when she can’t figure out what garlic actually is – it’s very unprofessional or you shouldn’t curse in front of your grandparents unless they like cursing – which my grandpa does.

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