Seeya 26

Tomorrow is my birthday and we’re having a bbq with yard games and beer and sunshine and we’ll be having my birthday bbq into the night and by then we’ll invite the skunks and I haven’t written all day, so this post is stupid and I’ve got nothing – it’s the end of the day a long long long work day and I should have been gone an hour ago, but I’m not. I’m hoping to get a birthday car – next week – past my birthday, so a post-birthday car. It will be nice to have some wheels again, besides the bike which is too big for me and bangs into those lady parts that you can’t really work around. At least they aren’t manly parts, that would be worse.
So if you’re in town, you’re in town and you’re invited and if you’re not and want to drink a beer tomorrow or a gin and tonic or wine or lemonade or even water – CHEERS!!! My last few hours at 26. It feels a lot like 27 will be, but I got a haircut today, a short short one, so I’m ready.

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