Road thoughts

I found a bunch of thoughts I jotted down in the notes section of my phone. My mind writes best on the road, which is hard for my hands, which makes me think about those voice activated computers that you can talk and they listen by typing everything you tell them. It would have been helpful last month while I was driving. And less dangerous. But something about the openness of the country, traveling under clouds traveling in opposite directions, the movement while I’m stationary rotates all the gears in my brain. Also there’s a lot of time to think across miles that are empty unless you fill them with yourself.
So here are the things that if I don’t put down somewhere, I’ll forget about soon. Some I can’t remember the context. Some are nothing at all. Some are stories I heard on the radio. Some I’m not ever sure are mine really.

– The light is never as bright as it is in memory
-Iowa State Fair: Where else does the blue ribbon winner go to the slaughter house.
– Ghost of a king salmon
– Buying a used limo for a family car for $5,000
– I’m deep unknown space, imploding, creating new stars. I write with love and hate. I live and hate you. Humans destroy nourishing homes. You exist in me as no one else does wrapped in chicken cloth stuck to healing, the quicker I pull you off the bloodier I become.
– Empty miles dirty clothes heavy road kill prices of my litter across the country connect the dots and I might have a full body
– The last miles are always done alone
– Stretched as much as I can go, somewhere around mile 2,000 what’s holding on behind you snaps back.
– Me and the truckers
– Art is only a remedy to suffering. A drug until the pain of living kills us

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