Red thumb

I worked out in the yard all day yesterday. I avoided it all summer, organizing the house and rooms and now that they are half complete and I’ve lost a little interest I’ve moved on to something new.

My yard is a wild, prickly thing and it kicked my ass. I don’t know what anything is called and it doesn’t know me either. We fought a lot. I displaced a few cities of rolli-pollies, but I hope they dug their way down again and can rebuild. I ripped up vines from two flower beds. Their fingers were wrapped around the dirt so tight it took my whole body weight and gravity to get them out. At one point my hands began to cramp, but I kept going. I had to get the bearded iris in.

Thursday my mom sent me a huge box of them she had split from her garden. She wasn’t sure what colors they were, but I like not knowing. Planting bulbs is about the only thing we can plan well. Set out each piece of flesh and put it in the ground. But even still you’re never sure if they will come up. Most likely everything you’ve tried to lay down won’t work as well as you’d hoped.

My body is beyond sore today. But at least I can move my fingers. I was attacked by a bug that drew blood. 5 times. And they ache like IVs. I squeeze the venom out like small drops of dew.

I saw two small brown snakes under the brush yesterday. I hope they get big and large and eat the red spiders along the foundation. One of them looked at me, slithered across the new naked dirt, stuck his tongue out and said “what the fuck are you doing?”

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