Purple lightning, a rusy saw

I had a dream in DC that I was on an island. The sky was moonless, black. It was a sparse island dotted with only a few trees. There was no way of telling how large the land was because I could only see a few feet in front of me, but I got a sense that this space was small. A storm rolled in – no rain or wind, but purple lightning. Octopus-like tentacles striking down over the sea, a few others ran into the water to be closer. I’d never seen purple lightning before, not this purple. Sometimes the light is tinged with a lavender halo, but this was ribbons upon ribbons of purple.
And when it hit the sand green crystals were formed like wands. People held them glowing in their hands.

Last night I had a dream I was in a strange city of tunnels or gateways or doorways. I can’t recall most of the dream except hearing of a Mormon teenager who was in a bathroom close by trying to kill himself. This other girl and I ran to save him and found the bathroom, looked around and didn’t see anything but yellow dripping walls, oxidized metal. And then I looked behind me and he was there. lifeless. His body dipped in the middle of the tub like a small wash basin, his feet hanging out over the edge, his mouth open, his head back. And I screamed. His friends came rushing in and he woke up. He had a small saw in his hand like the one I found in the garden yesterday clearing away damp, dead, heavy leaves. No wood handle, just metal. The teeth spaced wide apart, dull and rusty. I’ve found so many strange weapons in this yard: a steak knife, a broken plastic toy gun, teeth of a saw missing a mouth.
I was terrified of the boy and tried to grab the rusty metal from his fingers. He looked raw and empty and violent. Somehow I took the saw from him, but his friends handed him something else to slit his wrists with. They said he was going to do it anyway, they wanted to watch to make sure he didn’t die.
The other girl and I ran out to find the police. We arrived at an airport security exit and couldn’t enter, but a female officer said to wait one second, she’d be with the baby and I shortly. I looked to the saw in my fingers and thought ‘what a strange visual misunderstanding.’

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