Pumpkin Guilt

I have a confession to make. As of yesterday, I still had a Halloween pumpkin sitting on my doorstep…
It wasn’t carved because this year, unlike every other year, I just never got around to it and Halloween came and we didn’t get any tricker-treaters, so I guess that worked out, but I usually carve at least 3 pumpkins.
This weekend, I finally decided to do something about it. I brought it inside, put it in the kitchen and started to saw my way inside.
What are you doing?! pat asked from the living room.
I’m making pumpkin puree. I said. Obviously.
Why? you’ve never done that in all the years you’ve carved pumpkins.
Because I DIDN’T carve pumpkins this year and I feel bad.
You have pumpkin guilt?
Yeah, I guess I do.

Naturally, with pumpkin guilt one dissects, murders, roasts and blends a pumpkin into an orange pulp.
I now have about 3 lbs of pumpkin goo in my freezer that I won’t touch until I start feeling guilty again.

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