In the winter the paths are so clear. They’ve been cleared for you by machines with hammerhead noses. They’ve been cleared by other footprints trying to do the same thing through the snow and ice – just find a way through it all. I think the paths through life are laid in the same way – except we are the first ones to walk them, the first and only ones. We have to be the hammerhead noses. We have to tiptoe over hills. We have to make the path without really even knowing where we are going until we’ve gone. It takes looking back behind us to see how much work we’ve done, the curves, the v’s, the forks in the road where we started one way only to come back and go the other. If we all could see our maps what would they look like?

I had a dream last night I was at a river. I was near the sea, but standing in front of a slate-watered river. I knew I had to cross it to get back to the sea, but I didn’t want to. It was too wide, too deep and I didn’t feel like swimming. So I turned around and went another way. And eventually, clomping through green marsh, I came to a pass in the river – it looked just as wide, but when I got closer I noticed a large boulder under the moving glass of the water. I realized I could walk the entire length of that boulder to the other side and not have to struggle with swimming.

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  1. It is machete country, sometimes no visible path at all, just dense undergrowth and the hope that the snakes aren’t poisonous. Just being snakes is enough. And then ways are found, boulders appear just where and when they’re needed. There were maps in a dream last night, on a “smart” phone which I don’t possess, and misdirected Valentines and a wall painted with pureed avocados. Maps or none, your compass seems in good working order.

    • rachvb says:

      I wish it were a little more clear at times, but thank god for the rocks in our lives.
      I wonder how many people are dreaming the exact same themes in any given night? Astounding when you think about it.
      An avocado wall! That actually sounds pretty fantastic! I’m a huge guac fan. But only if it stayed green and fresh. Sounds like a tough dream to unravel. I wish you luck. I got nothin’ – as they say 😉
      That needle will spin and spin and spin for a while, but in the end, it finds the right way to go.
      Thank you.

  2. Dear Rachel, dear Marylinn – what do you know, a bridge of stepping stones popped up in the ocean between us so I’ve hopped across to place a hand on each of your shoulders. The cat’s still got my tongue, I’m afraid, but here we all are, dipping feet and hands into the same water. Love, Claire xoxo

    • rachvb says:

      Long journey, I suspect. I’m glad you arrived.
      I’m also glad, Claire, you believe I know something about trusting the currents. It means I have been successful in fooling everyone into thinking I know what I’m talking about. hooray! 😉
      I’m not so sure I trust them wholly, but what other choice besides riding do I have? Sitting out? That certainly wouldn’t do. I’d always regret it.
      take care, dear Claire.

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