Open house part 2

The actual rooms aren’t done yet and are still messy with boxes and other things (crap) – here are some morning shots of the small things

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4 Responses to Open house part 2

  1. Penny says:

    I can see why you like this house. Lots of character and interesting bits and pieces like claw feet on the bathtub.
    I have a good feeling for you just looking at those photos – room to fly there.
    Cute cat!

  2. rachvb says:

    I love my new house. It’s everything I thought it would be. Even the leaky toilet and the water pooling in the basement…but that’s what I have landlords for.
    I feel like I can discover things in this house. It reminds me of my Dad’s house – a place to explore for hours, only this one isn’t as big, so maybe a place to explore for a half hour.
    My Cat’s name is Spatula – but we call her Tula. She’s a diva and a love. She’s the best.

  3. For whatever it means, I love outside windows inside, too. I love the rusty clothesline pulley wheel and trust it will manage to function for it seems to be a significant aspect of the place. Happy new home, garage filled with discarded mysteries, water pooling in inappropriate places and a cat who will explore in her own way.

  4. rachvb says:

    thank you, Marlinn. I think everything will manage to function at some point and then things that are functioning will break – but I’m ready for it!

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