One week

I feel like someone has been throwing golf balls at my head all day – well not someone LOTS of someones and my contacts are sticking to my eyeballs in bad ways and I’m tired of helping people figure out their problems with computers and bathroom towel dispensers and forks and how do you spell cat? Ceeeee. Aaaaaaa…

It snowed last night, well dusted and the mountains this morning were chilled and glowing. I’ve finished most of the decorating – didn’t do much, but I made three paper wreaths that I love and they turned out damn well for my first try. We are getting a tree this weekend even though we are leaving in a week for Seattle. pat’s older sister is getting married in Port Townsend, WA at the old military base there and we get to sleep in the barracks and wake up to Puget Sound. The wedding is in the old church – we pretty much have rented out the whole place. I have a beautiful Tracy Reese dress that I spent too much money on and will cherish for the rest of my life and a beautiful blue feather headband and deep deep purple suede shoes. It sounds like a lot of colors, but I think it will be perfect.
I haven’t seen Pat’s older sister in 3 years – I’ve never even MET her fiance, so this is going to be an amazing homecoming filled with nothing of home, but the people.

This is my dress

and this is Fort Worden


aaaand I’m tiredgoinghome Kbye

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