Oak Creek Canyon

Pat left yesterday to steak out a spot on the Oak Creek in Red Rock Country near Sedona. He said he’s been climbing a little hill to call and text me, so you can imagine how much he’s been calling and texting me…
I’m leaving after work to meet him and taking a new friend (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and her sister with me who haven’t been camping very often and we’re hoping to bite them with the bug. It’s amazing how much gear camping requires – I suppose you could do it very minimally and sleep under the stars, but I have O- blood and mosquitos eat the shit out of me in awful places like in between my toes and right where my bra rubs my skin. But lets not talk about mosquitos, they are worthless.
Let’s talk about skinny dipping and drinking beer and forcing your body in a cold, rocky creek where water parts the tree line just enough to see stars. Is there a moon tonight? I hope not. The desert pitch black is one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever not seen.
I have two new poetry books, a half-finished novel, pillows, my camera, fleece pants and berts bees. I’m ready.

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