Next stop, crazy town

There was a drunk man wearing head to toe Arizona Diamondbacks garb, who pushed into the light rail doors as they closed, weaseled his way in using his elbow as a crowbar, looked at everyone in the car (me, a working man holding coffee, a student listening to music and various other minding-their-own-business types of people) and yelled “ALL YOU PEOPLE,” pointing around, “FUCK YOU!” and then left.
I don’t think it had the effect he wanted, though, because we all looked at each other “OK, then,” and started giggling. Maybe if he pointed to a specific person they could have taken offense, but when you’re trying to make a point, don’t direct it at the masses. No one will claim that type of general blame. And buddy, if you’re pissed at the man or general society or the government or the fact that not everyone gives you their hard earned change for booze (clearly you aren’t that hard up because Diamondbacks hats and shirts are at least $40) then I say Fuck you too! We’re all in the same sea and most of us are going to work and if one more clearly inebriated person asks me for change for the bus like I’m a moron (the bus, really?), I won’t do a damn thing about it except feel guilty for lying to you that I do probably have $2 in change.

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