Neil's wheelless 16‏

16. May 12, 2012

Dear Birdwatcher;

Don’t you just hate it when some family member calls up and yacks away forever – blocking your phone line. I know that I do. And, so does Neil. Therefore, he called up, gave me some quick details and got off the line. Good job, Neil. Now, I can get back to robocalls from politicians, carpet cleaners, and the Committee to Save Endangered Walnut Trees.

While he was talking from a public phone booth, a tractor drove up and waited beside him. The putt-putt-putt was audible in the background. Fortunately, the stop light changed and it moved away. The last time Neil tried to befriend a tractor, it wasn’t pretty.

The camera is still not working. Several stores did not have in stock the type of battery that he thinks his camera needs. The previous new one lasted for one day. Do you think another new one will fix it permanently?

Neil reports having a great time. He is especially pleased with his ability to get around by himself – finding WC’s, buses, and guesthouses without speaking Turkish.

Neil bought a carpet from some guy named Ali Baba. I think that he may have 40 business partners. The carpet will be sent via FedEx because it wouldn’t fit in the suitcase. There goes another large part of my inheritance.

While touring Ephesus, Neil met a nice German couple. They told him that an older American guy, who was staying at their guesthouse, fell down and broke his leg. When Neil gets back, I’m going to recommend that he abandon this international travel stuff and take up stamp collecting.


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