Neil's Wheelless 15‏

15. May 11, 2012

Dear Van Guardians;

Daddy-o is doing well. He is happy and also proud that he is navigating on his own. He is also tired from walking and climbing steps because there is so much good stuff to see.

The camera is still not working, much to his dismay. If he had taken a “film” camera, this would not have happened. But nooooo, he took one of those modern “digital” things and modern technology has let him down. I’m sure that he will blame this all on me because I have a computer at home. Therefore, I’m obviously responsible for any electronic failures.

When Neil arrived at the Bergama airport, there was a choice of taking a taxi or a bus. The fare was 80 Lira on the bus or 225 L for a taxi. He took the bus. Neil made an attempt to explain to the bus driver that he wanted to go to the Gobi Pension. The driver then dropped him off directly in front of the Pension! Nice service.

Neil had a good time gesturing with the 80-year-old father of the people who run the Gobi Pension. They communicated via a special old-boy language.

In the next city, Selcuk, he is staying at the Australia-New Zealand Guesthouse. No Auzzies in sight.

Neil ate dinner at a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant and ate something unidentified. Can you guess the results, two hours later? Fortunately, he always carries some industrial-strength anti-diarrhetic medications.

The previous night he had a companion in his bed. Yes, I know what you are thinking and, no, it was not bedbugs. A black and white cat had somehow climbed up the exterior wall and into his second-story window. They spent the night together, much to Neil’s delight. What me worry about fleas?

Although it has not stopped him from having a good time, Neil has found many fewer people who can speak English in Turkey than could in Iran. This probably has some significance – but I don’t know what.

When last seen, Neil was going out to look for a money changer. “Head for the temple” was my advice.


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