Neil's wheelless 11‏

11. May 3, 2012

Dear Leader’s followers;

We got another overseas call last night. Neil’s cold is better and he is feeling stronger. Stronger than what, I don’t know.

When the group visits a mosque, they do not have to remove their shoes.

They are in Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Can it be better than Neil’s hometown Eugene, Oregon?

There are lots of horse carriages for the tourists to ride in.

A policeman stopped him and helpfully asked if he was having any problems. Neil said no. The policeman than asked if he would fill out a tourist questionnaire. Neil did. The policeman volunteered that it was the government and not the people who were causing all of the political troubles. Neil asked if he could take his picture. The policeman said no.

The traffic and vehicle drivers are insane. Their own bus driver did a giant U-turn across lanes of traffic and parked on the sidewalk in front of their hotel.

Fatima wants everyone to go shopping. However, she wants them to go in a group with her guiding them. As a treat for himself, Neil bought a small and intricately painted box.

Neil’s camera suddenly stopped working. He claims to be charging the thing every night. He didn’t take any spare batteries; but, he has the operator’s manual with him. One part of me hopes that he can read the manual and make it work again. The other part has to look at all the pictures that he takes.

An old man on the streets was so happy to see a group of Americans that he started dancing with his bicycle. I’m glad it wasn’t dancing with one of the ladies on the tour. Fatima would have had a heart attack.

Although they visited a carpet factory, Neil did not purchase a rug. He has come to terms with being bald.

The Iranian bathroom door’s are marked with anatomical imitations: either a circle or a 6-inch tall rectangle.

They are staying at the Hotel Abbasi, the best hotel in Iran. You can check it out at to see how the 1% live—or, to pick up some decorating ideas for your beach house.

Another cash volunteer has promised pocket change in the event of a well-forseen emergency. We are up to 5 now!

Still no ransom notes.


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