Neil’s Wheeling #2‏


I wish that I would have thought of this before: a chaperone with a smart phone who can send emails. What a gift to the news-hungry folks back home!


Tim reports:

First 24 hours on the ground and Wi-Fi is sketchy still. Totally amazing day, street level all the way. Got our overnight train tickets for Bagan and Neil’s balloon ride. Our sleep cycle completely shot, but working on it. Otherwise both healthy after being surrounded on full flights by sick folks.

Walked over four miles as part of our errands and immersed in abject poverty, remarkable wealth, abandoned colonial (UK) grandeur and the densest population imaginable.

So very friendly and helpful, but very sketchy English communication – so lots of hand signs and charades-style street conversations to move forward.

Feel very safe, except for trying to cross the boulevards with Neil as he is understandably slowed down and can only focus on the uneven and pot-holed surfaces.

I sure hope this message goes out. I have lost a few brilliant entries.

Best to all. Already a trip of a lifetime. Tim

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