Neil’s Wheeling #16 & #17

Neil’s Wheeling #16 Feb 12, 2014

Tim sends:

All is going very well, staying healthy.

Different adventure every day.

Crossing Laos border tomorrow.

No keyboards, bad Wi-Fi.

Gsn. Mr. Tim

Steve sends:

I’m well, staying healthy.

Different message every day.

Tomorrow crossing border into chaos.

OK keyboard, no Wi-Fi (no smartphone).

Mr. Relay


Neil’s Wheeling # 17 Feb 16, 2014

Tim writes:

Leaving Luang Prabang.

After a couple days here in the jungle ‘city’, we are headed out again, now to the mysterious “Plain of Jars.” Finding a keyboard/PC even more unlikely than here. All is going very well, both staying healthy, amazing connections.

Gsn. T.

Steve adds:

There is a lesson here for all of us. I have become accustomed to frequent and lengthy reports from Tim. A few days go by with nothing and I get anxious. Then, Tim sends a short message. And what do I do? Get grumpy that he hasn’t sent more.

If I were depending on Neil, I’d expect nothing and get it. Tim does an excellent job and I’m unhappy. So much for my gratitude.

The guys were on some long transportation legs. On Thursday, they had an 8 hour boat trip on the Mekong. Friday, an additional 10 hour boat trip. Of course, they could have taken the faster “express” boat. But, why miss the local color of a slow local boat? Even the “fast” boat split the trip into two days. What did they eat on these boat trips? I doubt that my medical adviser would recommend the available cuisine. Fortunately, they have the pills.

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