My body's revolt

I was productive this morning for about 20 minutes. And already I’ve hit a before noon wall. That picture of the iris with it’s head flopped over – that’s how I feel today. I wouldn’t mind being a flopped over iris today if it meant I could lay in the sun in the dirt in the garden. I might not even have the energy to flick bugs from my skin. My coffee is giving me hot flashes. My ass has been in this seat for countless hours, I don’t even want to calculate the time my ass. has sat. in this seat. My body is starting to revolt. My hip cramped up when I was walking across the street, cars right-hand turning and NOT LOOKING at the crosswalk nearly hit me cramping up, hunchbacked with my book bag and breakfast. I slept in so late this morning that I seriously poured milk in a pyrex container and cereal in a plastic bag and ate at work. I dumped the remains in the sink even though they told us last week DO NOT DUMP ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER AND HUMAN WASTE DOWN THE PIPES. Apparently a massive sewer build-up flooded the basement last week. But wouldn’t they rather clean up strawberry cereal than than sludge? yes, I think so.
There’s the Fine Arts Fiesta downtown today and this weekend. When I feel the need to peel myself away from this chair, I’ll head down. It’s sunny, but cool and windy. Lately every time it’s been sunny here, there’s been wind – flip up your dress wind. I noticed a group of girls yesterday walking down Main street all clinging to their dress hems. The crazies were out again watching them, hoping a hand would slip. Something about oncoming rain brings them up from the underground the way a flood scatters cockroaches.

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