Last day at work

On my last day at work I’ve: gotten a rejection, but a very nice rejection for 5 poems, eaten two pieces of pizza, got a card from co-workers, drank a sprite, cleaned out my desk of saltine crackers, recycled irrelevant health insurance documents, backed-up all my work on an electronic stick whose name is escaping me at the moment AND GOT THIS WONDERFUL CAKE FROM MY BOSSSSSS THAT’S FULL OF CHOCOLATE PUDDING YOU DON’T REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THE PUDDING PART IS AROUND HERE! No one wanted to eat my feet, so I took a huge chunk of myself.

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  1. What a grand cake. Pudding and boots – actually everything including the rainbow-hued borders looks yummy. I can imagine how they will miss you and can also imagine the great happiness and success they wish for you. First the adventure of the road trip with your mom, then all new surroundings, so much to discover. A big send-off hug if I don’t get back here before you set out. Much love,

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you thank you! It’s a big summer indeed. A lot of change and I’m just trying to roll with it. It’s so hard to leave a place where you’ve set down some roots. I’ve spent my 20s here (the middles at least) and to think where I was before and am now is uncanny. Good and bad, I wouldn’t change it. xo

  2. Ms. Moon says:

    Bitter sweet, eh? But with a pudding cake- more sweet. Love your cowgirl boots. I would have had a bite.

    • rachvb says:

      Very, Ms. Moon. I’ve been on the brink of sobbing for about a day.
      There was plenty of pudding cake left! I wish I could have shared. People seemed more excited to eat my boots and legs than my name. =) wonder if that means anything? Probably not… xo

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