Keep dreaming

I admit it, I got my ticket. More accurately I got a co-worker to get me two tickets. $1 each. Big spender, I know, but why not? Every one is talking about this. A co-worker said his girlfriend in Japan called him last night telling him to buy. I heard a girl on the news say she was going to buy race cars if she won WHAT A STUPID THING TO BUY and then another girl said she would buy a lifetime supply of Oreos – acceptable. The odds – 1:175 million – I have a better chance of getting a flesh-eating bacteria. But someone has to win right? Well I guess that’s not true either. What happens when no one wins and we’re all slammed back into our daily lives without this big dream? This is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – what will people do for the golden ticket? What does it say about us that we all want more and probably will never get it?
I know what I would do – the same thing I want to do now, broke and struggling – buy a beach shack, make babies, live with love and write.
God, not having to worry about anything for the rest of your life sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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