Just waiting to unload

Pat finally left Wilkes-Barre. His dad flew out and they packed the U-Haul in 100 degree heat plus humidity. Yesterday was their first day on the road and 2 grown men with horrible direction, 60 mph in a 17 foot truck hauling a car, a drugged cat who hates the car (and anything out of the norm) and a deadline makes for some grumpy miles ahead.
At 9:30pm my time, I got a call telling me the cat was walking a very thin life line. Pat’s hands in buckets of ice to reduce the swelling after she slashed him up in a near escape. I think a whole pill is in order instead of just half. In all honesty, I wish I could have taken her with me – she seems to give me less shit about most everything.
Sunday, I moved all the boxes from my car into our new apartment. It’s strange to see the remanence of people before you. The balcony covered with faint pictographs from children – green and pink chalk lines – a world I can’t quit make out.
The apartment is fine. It’s what we could afford not knowing what this city would require of us. Plus I wanted to be on the light rail to take that into work and the stop is a block from our place. We’ll make it work for us. We’ll make it ours.
There’s a park across the street from our place and a grocery store close and a cupcake store and ice cream store and I’m really struck by how clean this city is. Downtown at least. I wish I could explore more of it now, but it’s supposed to be 111-115 degrees this week and I think I’ll stay inside as much as I can. That and by Wednesday I’ll have an entire truck-full of my crap to unpack promising me that once they are settled in drawers and cupboards, I might be right behind them.

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