Jelly Transfer

While Lindsey is paying for Grad School, she shares all her secret projects with me and then I steal them for free. A few days ago she showed me some gel medium transfers she did for class and I decided to try some last night with some photos of mine. It’s surprisingly really easy: get some gel medium, slather it all over a laser jet copy of whatever image you want stick it to the background you want, scrape all the bubbles out and let it dry. Once it’s dry, get the print wet and rub off all the left over paper pulp. Bam. Art. I tried it on canvas, thicker paper and this corrugated paper. Lindsey has done it on wood. I’m hoping to go dumpster diving and find cool things to transfer it to. This jellyfish one turned out the best, I think. I have one more still waiting to be buffed out. Happy “Making Shit” day!

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