Some of you may recognize parts of this one. It was partially born here on the blog. But today, with a little tweaking, it’s reborn on Cease, Cows (an awesome flash fiction lit mag). I’m so so excited they accepted this one. This was the quickest acceptance I’ve ever had – 2 days! They got back to me that fast! I’ve been waiting for months to see it here.
And I’ll post it again here:

And another time here:


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2 Responses to It's ALIIIIIVE!!!!!

  1. Angella says:

    I love it! You capture so much in those few perfect words, the world distilled, all of it seen, felt, known. Congrats!

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you, Angella!! I’m so excited about this one. It gives me a lot of motivation and courage going into my next project. I know we aren’t supposed to worry about what people think as we are writing, but I’ve gotten good feedback on my latest stuff and it really helps. Even if it’s small. xoxo

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