Hunkering down part 2

39 feet by tonight. All low-lying areas in our valley have a mandatory evacuation. Every one in the path of Hurricane Agnes in ’72 is forced to leave – meaning about 60,000 people or so have to pack their cats, insurance documents, photographs, lives as quickly as they can. By 8 tonight they have to be gone. This is the first time the levee system will really be tested by the river. She’s already at 26 and it just keeps raining. Our friends are coming to stay with us tonight. Thank god for our hill. Our sturdy house on the hill.
And while everyone is gassing up and heading out – I’m at work with the tightest deadline for our entertainment guide I’ve ever seen. And I’m writing…haha.
Our newsroom may flood tonight. The building is in the low areas of the valley. We are setting up other work stations on higher ground. Long live the news.

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