How many weeks does it take to lose your shoes?

photo 1
12 1/2 weeks
14 weeks
photo 3
15 weeks

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5 Responses to How many weeks does it take to lose your shoes?

  1. Angella says:

    hahahahaha! i love this!!!!

    • rachelvb says:

      Angella, my Uncle says I have to use the same sweater every week, so I’ll have to figure out way to keep it interesting =)

  2. Holy My Goodness is that you? Baby! Baby! Soooooo excited. Loveyou.

    • rachelvb says:

      Rebecca, it is! it is! Thank you! Our little baby made in unwed matrimony! We are so happy (masked by my barfing, but thank god, that seems to be over now) and I’m waiting now to feel it flipping around, we’ve seen it doing a little jig on the ultrasound. Seems to be very active. I’m excited and a little weirded out to start feeling it! Love to you! xoxo

  3. Ms. Moon says:

    By twenty weeks you will definitely be feeling the tiny butterflies within. Oh my god. I am just so very, very happy for you and Pat. Please! Post pictures of yourself and that belly. I just adore a pregnant belly and will always remember mine with the most fondness.

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