hit and run to hell

I heard a vroom and a vroom and someone driving much too fast for roads like this for weather like this and then I heard the crunch of him hitting a car on the street. His lights pointing sideways, T-ed into a silver mini-van, not a fast accident. What do I do, what do I do? Call the cops? And then the people whose house it was, whose car it was come running out just in time to see the man in that blood maroon boxy car vroom and vroom and then drive away. The woman chasing him down the street as far as she could go until he was gone. Her husband on the phone. I thought for sure the man was going to pull over. I thought for sure there were still decent people left in the world. I thought for sure that man could never just drive away like that after the damage he caused. I tried to see the license plate, but couldn’t. Those poor people trying to enjoy their family and Christmas and the world just doesn’t quit. I feel, I wish I could do more. There’s not enough insurance in the world.

When I went over to the neighbor’s the police man said that some people call when they get home. I hope so. The people said that’s the second time someone has hit their car in front of their house and drove off. I am thankful for my long driveway and for nice cops.

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