High speed parade

Mazda has opened one eye, the other she’s prying open with all the muscle she can muster. I wasn’t sure what to expect when new eyes looked upon the world, but it’s a mix between drunk and zombie. She’s still blind and they have that cloudiness that comes with blindness. The goop and linings are heavily protecting her now. Entering life is no pretty business.

I didn’t want to get up this morning. I don’t want to work today.
A crowd, clapping and hollering like they’re at a horse race, has gathered around one of the newsroom televisions while police chase a black vehicle on the screen. Do those things end any other way? I wonder who they’re rooting for? Last night on the news there was a similar police chase: a man swiped a fire truck that was stopped for an accident and didn’t pull over until 8 police vehicles, 2 rumble strips and 20 miles later. When he finally DID and they man-handled him to the ground, he said he has a medical condition and didn’t remember anything that happened, nor did he know police were trying to pull him over. They decided not to press charges and are completely OK with this sort of person legally being on the road. If you’re ever driving in the Phoenix area avoid white sedans at all cost, inside is a drunk, seizing, blind, diabetic man with amnesia, a lead foot who is having a heart attack.

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